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General terms of sales

Article 1 -  period of stay: The renting party signing this contract for a defined period may in no circumstances take advantage of any right to stay on the premises after the end of the period.

Article  2 - Conclusion of contract : The reservation will take effect after the renting party has provided the owner with a deposit of 30% of the total amount of rent    and one copy of the rental contract made out in 2 pages dated and signed . The second copy is to be kept by the renting party. Settlement of the balance shall be made one month before the start of the period of stay. In default of this, the contract shall be considered to be null and void and the property shall be available for rent  once more, without any reimbursement being made. In the event of late registrations, made less than 30 days before the start of period of stay, full payment shall be required at the time of reservation.

Article  3 - Cancellation made by the  renting party: All cancellations  must be notified by registered letter sent to the owner.

a) Cancellation before arrival at the premises:

- more than 30 days before the start of the period of stay: the owner shall keep the deposit

- less than 30 days before the start of the period of stay: the owner shall keep the full amount for the period of stay.

b) If the period of stay is reduced or the customer does not arrive on the arrival date, the owner shall keep the rental and there shall be no reimbursement, with the owner being able to make use of the gite.

Article 4 - Cancellation made by the owner : In the case of cancellation made by the owner, a refund of the deposit will be paid along with an indemnity at least equal to the amount that the renting party would have paid if the cancellation had occurred as a result of his or her actions on that date.

Article  5 - Arrivals:  The renting party  must arrive on the agreed day and at the time agreed with the owners. In the case of late arrivals, the renting party must notify the owner.  .

Article  6 – Condition of premises: an inventory shall be established in common and signed by the renting party and the owner or his representative upon arrival at the gite and upon departure. This inventory will be the only reference in case of litigation concerning the inventory of fixtures, furniture or equipment .  The state of cleanliness of the holiday home on arrival of the  renting party should be stated in the inventory. The cleaning of the holiday home is at the charge of the  renting party for the period of his or her stay and before leaving. Cleaning charges  are mentioned in the renting contract..

Article 7 - Guarantee deposit:,  Upon arrival, the owner shall require the renting party to pay a guarantee deposit, the amount being stated in this contract. This deposit will be refunded minus expenses for any damages made to the premises or its equipment, after an inventory has been made before leaving.. In the case of  early departure (before the time stated in the contract), which prevents an inventory for the premises from being  drawn up on the day of departure for the renting party, the guarantee  deposit shall be returned by the owner within a period of not more than 15 days.

Article 9 – capacity: This contract is made for a maximum number of people. If the number of people renting exceeds the capacity for the premises, the owner may refuse to allow the additional people to stay. Any alteration or breach of contract shall be considered to have been initiated by the customer.

Article  10 -  use of premises:  The  renting party  shall  pass his or her period of stay in a peaceful way and use the property for its intended purposes.

Article 11 – Animals : animals are not allowed. If this clause is not respected by the renting party, the owner may refuse the renting party the right to stay at the premises. In this case, there will be no refund.

Article 12 – Insurance : The  renting party is responsible for damages caused by his or her own actions and is required to have a holiday insurance policy to cover such eventualities.

Article 13 - payment for charges: at the end of the period of stay, the renting party must settle with the owner for those charges that are not included in the rent ( water is included in the rent.: electricity is not included: the kwatts will be charged to you at the normal electricity price